Homes built with integrity.


Our homebuilders were carefully selected based on their commitment to superior building practices. Counted among the most acclaimed luxury homebuilders in the Nashville and Franklin areas, the new home builders for Lockwood Glen and Echelon at Lockwood Glen offer an unparalleled portfolio of uniquely-designed homes. Our featured builders include Ford Custom Classic Homes and Mallard Homes.  


Timeless architecture adds value to a community for generations to come.

We encourage residents to experience life’s simple pleasures, especially architecture and nature. We embrace a level of quality, sophistication and authenticity in our architecture that will endure for generations. And we respect the history and the environment, preserving the past and ensuring the future. As a result, you can own a brand new home with classic design elements, yet built for future generations.

Lockwood Glen and Echelon at Lockwood Glen homes are available in five styles, which include Classical, Federal, English Tudor, Victorian and Craftsman. These styles are all reminiscent of classic middle-Tennessee. This mixture of distinctive styles adds interest and a sense of permanence to every street.

Classical and Federal styles are symmetrical, with the Classical having much more detail and ornamentation on the façade.

Craftsman homes embrace simplicity and nature, often featuring handmade wooden details.

English Tudor and French styles have an Old World feel and distinctive features, like exposed timbers and colored stucco.

New Folk Victorian homes often have ornate details on the exterior façade and present a light, airy feel.